Red Card Promotes AWARENESS, EDUCATION AND PREVENTION of Problem Gambling

Gambling is the UK’s fastest growing addiction and yet there is very little help and advice available to either prevent an addiction developing or to support those currently suffering.
Tony Kelly - creator of Red Card

Tony Kelly – creator of Red Card

At Red Card we aim to change this.  There is no doubt that Problem Gambling is increasing at a rapid rate. Unlike drugs and alcohol, most people are exposed to gambling in their daily lives, whether it be the National Lottery, football pools, betting on the Derby or Grand National, or the many opportunities for on line betting. Television advertising of gambling is reaching saturation point, and yet very few people are aware of how damaging gambling addiction can be.

Tony speaking at the Rotary Club (Ware)


At Red Card Gambling Support Project, we aim to change this. We are dedicated to reducing

the number of people that fall victim to this destructive addiction by raising awareness of the risks and the devastating impact it can have on the gambler and their Friends and family.
Red Card is a ‘not for profit’ organization created by Tony Kelly, an ex-professional footballer who lost everything through gambling.  Following the publishing of his book: ‘Red Card – The Soccer Star who lost it all to gambling’, Tony is determined to help people avoid suffering in the way he did. We deliver targeted workshops, of around two hours, that not only share Tony’s personal story of his battle with gambling addiction but also, by using the knowledge and experience of professional therapists and counsellors, we go deeper in to the nature of addiction and how to combat it, and the wider impact on the gambling addict’s friends and family.

If you represent a group of people and would like to book a talk or workshop then please contact us immediately by phone or Email

Our ultimate aim is to raise the awareness of problem Gambling and for it to be recognised as the damaging addiction it really is and to address the underlying causes that trigger it.

Red Card is a Not for Profit Community Interest Company. If you would like to support us with a donation you can do that here. All donations will be used exclusively to support Red Card.

Red Card Gambling Support Project is funded by the National Lottery

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