Presentations and Workshops

Preventing the development of a gambling addiction

… is one of Red Card’s key goals when it comes to the issue of gambling addiction.  Many people don’t understand how easy it can be to get hooked on gambling and how much you could lose. In order to raise this awareness Red Card has developed a presentation, based on Tony Kelly’s experience as a gambling addict. These inspirational talks are designed to highlight how easily you can become addicted to the many forms of gambling available, the losses both monetary and social, that can occur, and how hard the battle to overcome the problem can be.   Although the aim of these talks is ultimately as a deterrent, they are delivered in an upbeat and entertaining style with an emphasis on the help and support available to people who feel that they either are in danger of becoming an addict or have already developed an addiction.

The standard presentation is around 2 hours long including time for questions but this can be tailored to your audience or venue.

The talk will be delivered by Tony Kelly and/or a qualified therapist. There may be other speakers present if appropriate.

Gambling awareness literature and handouts will be available.

Signed Copies of Tony Kelly’s book ‘Red Card’ will be available to purchase.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us to discuss your requirements

You can see an example of a typical workshop here.










Tony Kelly of Red Card delivering his workshop to Winchmore Hill School