Tony Kelly
Hi I’m Tony Kelly
A former professional footballer and founder of Red Card. I’m also the soccer star who lost everything to gambling.
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Here's What Red Card is all About

Red Card is a ‘not for profit’ organisation. Prevention of gambling addiction is the key to our work. The more we raise awareness, the more we can prevent people from going down the destructive route of problem gambling.

Our Vision

We aim to make sure that people from all backgrounds and cultures are educated about the dangers of gambling addiction and the impact it can have on our lives. We work with all agencies including schools, colleges, sports clubs, prison and probation services, and others to help create a more stable and healthy society in the future. Our vision is to become a long-term beneficial and supportive service for all who experience problem gambling.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a lasting social change through our work, by educating people about the dangers of gambling, helping to reduce crime in our communities, raising awareness of mental health, and by delivering our work nationwide.

What We Do

Our team deliver targeted workshops that not only share Tony’s personal story of his battle with gambling addiction but also, by using the knowledge and experience of professional therapists and counsellors, we go deeper in to the nature of addiction and how to combat it, and the wider impact on the gambling addict’s friends and family.

The Red Card team is made up of a mixture of professionals, all with a vast amount of experience that is relevant to addiction and problem gambling. 

Get in Touch

If you represent a group of people and would like to book a talk, a workshop, or just find out more about our problem gambling service, then please contact us.

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