These are some of the great organisations we have worked with or are working with now.

Gordon Moody Association

Red Card and Gordon Moody Association will be supporting each other to help problem gamblers, and to raise awarness of gambling addiction.

The Hive (in Fife)

We are honoured to be a partner of THE HIVE (in Fife). We look forward to a great working relationship. We will be delivering their Gambling Awareness workshop to over 1000 young adults over the next 12 months, in partnership with THE HIVE Social Care training provider. The Hive is a family run business that has developed a truly unique range of CBT based programmes to support people with experiences that can prove to be disadvantageous.

Update December 2018

AYANAY GROUP AND THE HIVE GROUP will be working together on education /awareness /retreats /professional therapy /and counselling, to help those who suffer from gambling addiction and other addictions.
Exclusive Training Retreat and Psychotherapy and Counselling.


Mind in Haringey support those with mental health issues in the borough of Haringey. We will be working together with them to tackle mental health issues related to gambling addiction in 2018.

National Citizen Service (NCS)

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that helps young people build skills for work and life, embark on new challenges, meet new people and contribute to their local community. Click here to check out National Citizen Service’s website.

Impressionable Minds

Impressionable Minds

Impressionable Minds provides workshops, interactive sessions and presentations to school children from Year 5 (KS2) through to KS5 (aged 9-18). We will be teaming up with them to deliver joint workshops at schools. The topics we’ll be covering include gambling, crime, gangs, and substance misuse.


We will be teaming up with Drugsline to raise awareness of cross addictions and multiple addictions, as we are fully aware of the links between substance misuse and gambling addiction. Tony Kelly [CEO] and Steve Merrit [CEO] are both passionate about what they do, and will always be available to deliver talks/presentations on drug and gambling addiction. To see their post about working with us, click here

The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA)

RED CARD are funded by the PFA and will be working in partnership with them educating young footballers in the dangers of gambling. Tony Kelly and Gordon Taylor share experiences of the damage gambling addiction can do and so both are keen to make a difference and raise awareness.

Steps Together Rehab

Steps Together Rehab are a residential addiction treatment centre in Nottinghamshire. We are developing a partnership with Steps Together to widen their scope to include gambling addiction.

National Lottery

National Lottery Funded

As of September 2017, Red Card are funded by the National Lottery.

Parish of St George

The Parish of St George’s, Enfield, have provided support and use of meeting facilities. In October Red Card were featured in the parish magazine.

Gambling Watch UK

Gambling Watch UK have the same aims as Red Card and both organisations are keen to find ways of working together.

Responsible Gambling Trust

Tony Kelly has been working directly with Responsible Gambling Trust to investigate and identify gambling related harm

Street Games

StreetGames Charity Certificate

Street Games launched in 2007 to change lives, change communities and change sport. Red Card has been associated with Street Games since September 2015.

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